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Concentrate on the web material.  Make sure that you can work the problems that are worked out in the web material.  Then make sure that you can work similar problems that are worked in the textbook and the workbook.  Explore some of the links in bold text that are embedded in the web material.  Complete the optional exercises for extra credit.   After you have finished a module, complete the associated laboratory exercise.

bulletModule 1:    Describing Motion
Displacement, average and instantaneous velocity, average and instantaneous acceleration.
bulletPosition and displacement
bulletThe language of kinematics
bulletModule 2:    Motion in one Dimension
Motion diagrams, motion with constant acceleration.
bulletMotion with constant speed and constant acceleration
bulletFreely falling objects
bulletModule 3:    Motion in Two or More Dimensions
Motion in a plane, tangential and radial acceleration, projectile motion, circular motion.
bulletMotion with constant acceleration
bulletProjectile motion
bulletCircular motion
bulletModule 4:    The Laws of Motion
The concept of force, inertial frames, Newton's 2nd and 3rd law, mass and weight, free-body diagrams.
bulletNewton's first law
bulletNewton's second law
bulletNewton's third law
bulletModule 5:    Applications of Newton's Laws
Uniform and non-uniform circular motion, friction, numerical modeling, the fundamental forces.
bulletFriction and drag
bulletCircular motion
bulletModule 6:    Work and Energy
Work done by varying forces, kinetic energy, conservative and non-conservative forces, potential energy, conservation of energy.
bulletWork and energy in various situations
bulletModule 7:   Momentum
Conservation of momentum, impulse, elastic and inelastic collisions, the center of mass, rocket propulsion.
bulletMomentum and collisions
bulletModule 8:    Rotational Motion
Rotational kinematics, torque, angular momentum, rigid-body motion.
bulletRotational kinematics
bulletRotational dynamics
bulletAngular momentum
bulletKepler's laws
bulletModule 9:    Oscillatory Motion
Simple harmonic motion, a mass on a spring, a physical pendulum, forced and damped oscillations.
bulletSimple harmonic motion
bulletThe pendulum
bulletModule 10:  Waves
Sinusoidal traveling waves, superposition and interference, standing waves, the Doppler effect.
bulletMechanical waves
bulletSound waves
bulletWater waves
bulletThe Doppler effect