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Concentrate on the web material.  Make sure that you can work the problems that are worked out in the web material.  Then make sure that you can work similar problems that are worked in a textbook and the workbook.  Explore some of the links in bold text that are embedded in the web material.  Complete the optional exercises for extra credit.

Aug 17 Introduction
Aug 19 Position
Aug 24 L. of Kinematics
Aug 26 1-d Motion
Aug 31 Free Fall
Sep 7 3-d Motion
Sep 9 Projectile motion
Sep 14 Circular motion
Sep 16 Newton's first law
Sep 21 Newton's 2nd law
Sep 23 Newton's third law
Sep 28 Friction and Drag
Sep 30 Circular Motion
Oct 5 Work
Oct 12 Energy
Oct 14 Work and energy
Oct 19 Momentum
Oct 21 Rockets
Oct 26 Rot. Kinematics
Oct 28 Rot. Dynamics
Nov 2 Angular momentum
Nov 4 Kepler's Laws
Nov 9 Harmonic motion
Nov 11 The pendulum
Nov 16 Mechanical waves
Nov 18 Sound and water waves
Nov 23 The Doppler effect



Assignments cover the material presented in the Web-based class modules.  They may refer you back to the module, to a textbook, or to the workbook


Assignments are submitted over Blackboard.  Assignments are scored by the computer and you will receive your assignment grade immediately.  You can submit these assignments up to three times if you need to improve your grade.  The highest score counts.  The links below point to PDF copies of the assignments for preview and review.  Questions and answers on Blackboard may appear in a different order and may offer hints after the first submission.


Assignments are due at 5 PM on the indicated date.  No late assignments will be accepted.

Assignment: Due Date Assignment: Due Date: Laboratory: Due Date
A1 Aug 24 A12 Oct 12 Lab 1 Aug 24
A2 Aug 26 A13 Oct 14 Lab 2 Aug 31
A3 Aug 31 A14 Oct 19 Lab 3 Sep 9
A4 Sep 7 A15 Oct 21 Lab 4 Sep 23
A5 Sep 9 A16 Nov 2 Lab 5 Sep 30
A6 Sep 14 A17 Nov 9 Lab 6 Oct 14
A7 Sep 16 A18 Nov 11 Lab 7 Oct 21
A8 Sep 21 A19 Nov 16 Lab 8 Nov 2
A9 Sep 23 A20 Nov 18 Lab 9 Nov 11
A10 Sep 30 A21 Nov 23 Lab 10 Nov 18
A11 Oct 5 A22 Dec 1    

Extra credit:

bulletExtra credit assignments must be handed in on time.  You can earn up to 5 points extra credit by completing an assignment.  Later assignments often require skills learned while completing an earlier assignment.  Extra credit points are added to your total score from tests, homework assignments and laboratories.
Due Date:      Assignment:   
Aug 26 Extra credit 1
Sep 9 Extra credit 2
Sep 16 Extra credit 3
Sep 23 Extra credit 4
Oct 5 Extra credit 5
Due Date:    Assignment:     
Oct 14 Extra credit 6
Oct 21 Extra credit 7
Nov 4 Extra credit 8
Nov 11 Extra credit 9
Nov 23 Extra credit 10


bulletTest are proctored, computer based exams.  They are only available during scheduled times, and only on the computers in a room in Nielsen Physics.  Students with a scheduling conflict must contact the instructor.  An alternate exam time can be arranged.
Test 1  September 26/27   distribution of scores
Test 2 October 24/25   distribution of scores
Test 3 December 5/6         distribution of scores

Grade book

You can examine the entries made for you in the grade center on Blackboard.
Percentage grades translate to letter grades as shown in the table below.
  Please notify the instructor if you think a grade has not been recorded correctly.

90% and above    A
87% - 89% A-
83% - 86% B+
80% - 82% B
77% - 79% B-
73% - 76% C+
70% - 72% C
67% - 69% C-
63% - 66% D+
60% - 62% D
57% - 59% D-
below 57% F