Extra Credit 4

Force and acceleration

Go to Canvas, Assignments, Extra Credit 4 and answer the questions in blue font.


In this exercise you will analyze a video clip.  The clip shows a cart on an air track being pulled by the gravitational force acting on a hanging mass.  You will determine the  position of the cart as a function of time by stepping through the video clip frame-by-frame and by reading the time and the position coordinates of the cart off each frame.  You will construct a spreadsheet with columns for time and position and use this spreadsheet to find the velocity as a function of time.  The slope of a velocity versus time graph yields the acceleration of the cart.

The board in the clip indicates is that the mass of the cart is mcart = 0.196 kg. 
The hanging mass has mhanging = 0.007 kg.  
The magnitude of the force acting on the system is the magnitude of the weight of the hanging mass, F = mhangingg. 
We expect the magnitude of the acceleration to be equal to a = F/m, where m is the total mass that is accelerating, i.e. m = mcart + mhanging.


Part 1

To play the video clip or to step through it frame-by-frame click the "Begin" button.  The "Video Analysis" web page will open.  Choose the pull_1.avi video clip.


Part 2