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Concentrate on the web material.  Make sure that you can work the problems that are worked out in the web material.  Then make sure that you can work similar problems that are worked in the textbook and the workbook.  Explore some of the links in bold text that are embedded in the web material.  Complete the optional exercises for extra credit.  After you have finished a module, complete the associated laboratory exercise.

Note: The interactive material in the modules requires Internet Explorer 7 or higher.  Use compatibility view.

bulletModule 1:    Fluid Mechanics
Pressure, Buoyancy, Streamlines, Bernoulli’s Principle
bulletPressure and Buoyancy
bulletFluid Dynamics
bulletModule 2:   Kinetic Theory of Gases
Temperature, Thermal Expansion, Ideal Gas Law
bulletTemperature and Thermal Expansion
bulletKinetic Theory and Heat
bulletModule 3:    The Laws of Thermodynamics
Heat, Specific Heat, Phase Changes, Heat Transfer, Heat Engines, Carnot Engine, Heat Pumps and Refrigerators, Entropy
bulletHeat flow and Thermal properties of Matter
bulletHeat Engines, Heat Pumps, and Refrigerators
bulletModule 4:    Electric Forces and Fields
Coulombs Law, Electric Field Lines, Electric Flux, Gauss’ law, Insulators and Conductors
bulletForces and Fields
bulletGauss' Law
bulletModule 5:    Electric Potential
Potential Difference, Potential Energy, Capacitance
bulletPotential Difference
bulletElectrostatic Devices
bulletModule 6:    Current and Circuits
Electric Current, Resistance, Ohm’s law, Electrical Energy and Power, EMF, Kirchhoff’s Rules, RC Circuits
bulletElectric Current
bulletKirchhoff's Rules
bulletModule 7:    Magnetism
Magnetic Fields, Magnetic Force, Biot-Savart Law, Ampere’s Law, Magnetism in Matter
bulletThe Magnetic Force
bulletThe Magnetic Field
bulletMagnetism in Matter
bulletModule 8:    Inductance
Faraday’s law, Motional EMF, Lenz’s Law, Self-Inductance, RL Circuits
bulletFaraday's Law
bulletModule 9:    Electromagnetic Waves
Maxwell’s Equations, Production of EM Waves, Polarization, Double-Slit Experiment, Interference in thin Films, Single Slit Experiment, Diffraction Grating
bulletThe Production of EM waves
bulletDiffraction and Interference
bulletThin Films
bulletModule 10:    Mirrors and Lenses
Geometric Optics, Huygen’s Principle, Flat Mirrors, Spherical Mirrors, Thin Lenses, Aberrations
bulletGeometric Optics
bulletImages formed by Mirrors
bulletImages formed by Lenses