Force sensor

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The Pasco Force Sensor is designed to be used with a PASCO Computer interface.  The force sensor has an output between -8 Volts and +8 Volts and a range between -50 N and +50 N.  (1 N = 1 Newton = 1 kg m/s2.)  It produces -8 Volts for -50 N, 0 Volts for "zero" force, and +8 Volts for +50 N.  (A push is considered to be positive, and a pull is considered to be negative.)  The sensor has strain gauges mounted on a specially designed "binocular beam".  The beam deflects less than 1 millimeter, and has built-in over-limit protection so it will not be damaged if a force greater than 50 N is applied.  The force sensor consists of the housing for the beam and electronics, a cable with a 8 pin DIN plug for connecting it to the computer interface, and a detachable hook.  The housing has a tare button (for zeroing the sensor).