Physics 222, section 1-5, Elements of Physics II, Fall 2020

Physics 222 is a 4 credit-hour, introductory physics course with laboratories.  While the laboratories have a hands-on, face-to-face component, the non-lab parts of the course are designed for asynchronous online delivery.  Students do not attend formal lectures at fixed times, but they have to adhere to a strict course schedule.  The class material is divided into 12 modules.  For each module students are expected to submit assignments and lab reports online on time.  For class participation credit students must contribute questions, answers, hints, or comments to a discussion forum.  Optional extra credit assignments associated with each module must also be submitted on time.

Physics 222 is a general education course.  Please allow enough time in your schedule for this 4 credit-hour course.


Dr. Marianne Breinig (Physics)
Office: 202 Nielsen Physics Bldg.
Discussion Hours:  Thursdays, 11:30 am, Zoom
Phone: 974-7842

Lab instructors:

Section 1:
Erich Bermel
Shaun Vavra
Section 2:
Abhyuday Sharda
Cary Rock
Teaching Assistant:
Isaac Ownby
Section 3:
Jesse Buffaloe
Ben Thornberry
Section 5:
Ben Thornberry
Erich Bermel

Class structure:

There are no formal lectures.  Students are expected to complete the online class modules on time.  Each module consist of two sets of online class materials that student are required to study, two homework assignments, a class participation discussion forum, and optional extra credit opportunities. 
All assignments for each module must be completed by the date shown on the schedule.  Links for the submission of all assignments are on Canvas.  Students should use the online discussion forum to engage with the instructors and each other.


The textbook for the class is OpenStax Tutor, College Physics.
This is an online textbook with spaced practice problems and feedback.  You find the instructions on how to access this textbook on Canvas under Modules.

The College Physics textbook by itself can be found at
and can also be downloaded as a PDF.

Homework assignments:

Homework assignments are based on the material covered in the on-line modules.  They are found under Assignments on Canvas and must be submitted on time.


Labs consist of hands-on and online activities.  Students in a section are divided into two groups.  One group will complete the hands-on activities during the first hour of the scheduled lab time and the other group will do so during the second hour of the scheduled lab time.  Both groups should try to complete the online activities before coming to class.  Labs must be submitted on Canvas by the date shown on the schedule.  Students cannot earn passing grade for the course, unless they earn a passing grade for the labs.

Class participation credit:

Students earn class participation credit by contributing questions, answers, hints, comments, etc to the Piazza discussion forum.


There will be two 80 minute exams, on October 6/7 and on December 3/4.  The exams are online.  Exam 1 questions are about material covered in modules 1 - 6, and exam 2 questions are about material covered in modules 7 - 12.  Students will take the exam online using the Respondus LockDown Browser.

Extra credit:

Up to 50 points extra credit will be available, 25 points from answering OpenStax Tutor questions and 25 points from answering extra credit questions on Canvas.


Each exam is worth a maximum of 125 points.  All homework assignments together are worth a maximum of 100 points and the all lab reports together are also worth a maximum of 100 points.  Class participation is worth up to 50 points.  Extra credit points are added to the total score from tests, homework assignments, laboratories, and class participation..

450 and above    90% and above    A
435-449 87% - 89% A-
415-434 83% - 86% B+
400-414 80% - 82% B
385-399 77% - 79% B-
365-384 73% - 76% C+
350-364 70% - 72% C
335-349 67% - 69% C-
315-334 63% - 66% D+
300-314 60% - 62% D
285-299 57% - 59% D-


In Canvas, please go to "Account", "Notifications", and set your notification preferences so that you receive announcements notifications and conversations immediately.  Review the announcements in Canvas regularly.

If you need course adaptations or accommodations because of a documented disability, please contact  Student Disability Services (SDS).  This will ensure that you are properly registered for the services provided by SDS.

Student Disability Services
915 Volunteer Blvd/100 Dunford Hall
Knoxville, TN 37996
Tel: 865-974-6087
Fax: 865-974-9552
VRS: 865-622-6566

Please review the Campus Syllabus for information that is common across all courses at UT.