Activities and Laboratories: date Make-up Labs
Charges and fields 25/26-Aug Charges and fields
Equipotentials and Fields 1/2-Sep Equipotentials and Fields
Circuit elements 8/9-Sep Circuit elements
Magnetic fields 15/16-Sep Magnetic fields
Faraday's law 22/23-Sep Faraday's law
Polarization 29/30-Sep Polarization
Refraction 13/14-Oct Refraction
Optical instruments 20/21-Oct Optical instruments
Diffraction and interference 27/28-Oct Diffraction and interference
Photons and matter waves 3/4-Nov Photons and matter waves
Atomic spectra and lasers 10/11-Nov Atomic spectra and lasers
Nuclear decay and MRI 17/18-Nov Nuclear decay and MRI

You must give your lab instructor a valid reason if you miss a lab and want to submit a make-up lab.